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Meeting Notes October 8, 1996

Present were: Remzi, Brian, Tom, Seung-Hoon, Amin, Jean


  1. Decide on movie
  2. Pick content for next issue of


We discussed a list of potential movies we could watch. We came up with the following three:

We decided that Remzi would pick up one of these movies from Blockbuster and that we would watch it together on Wednesday, October 16 at 1 pm.

Next Issue

Topic: Journalism on the net, with Brian Dennis as Editor

Information disseminated through Internet

Possible feature articles for the issue


We decided to read excerpts from Negroponte's "Being Digital". We will discuss this reading at a future meeting in addition to the New Yorker article entitled "Only Disconnect" by james Wolcott.

We also decided that photocopies should be made for everyone.

Remzi will choose some relevant readings from the snazzy looking "Resisting the Virtual Life".

We could not figure out a way to turn of netsape's so-called "cookie" mechanism and decided that Netscape's help system is, at best, weak.