Internet Applications and

End Users of the World Wide Web

Walter A Haas School of Business, U.C. Berkeley

Welcome! This site has been established as a group project for Howard Besser's Fall, 1996 course, BA 296.7: Impact of Multimedia and the Internet . We are focusing on issues related to usage of the internet and specific business applications of the Web.

The group consists of both Business School and Computer Science graduate students. We can be reached individually or as a group at the links below, and your comments are welcome regarding this site as well as our individual areas of interest.

The site consists of our ongoing group discussion notes, an overview of different purchase models in use on the Web, some specific applications of this relatively new means of commerce, and its international development.

The Internet has spawned new businesses, both hardware such as the Internet Telephone, and applications such as the sale of Insurance. There also seems to be particular issues in transferring this technology, fairly widespread in the US, to other areas such as Europe and Asia. Even though Internet usage and applications are growing at rapid rates across the globe, certain obstacles must be examined. Our ultimate goal in developing this site has been to gain an understanding of the diverse potential opportunities for commerce on the Internet.

Member Email Focus and Project
Cynthia Benjamin Customer Purchase Models
Alissa Chiaravanond Asia...Internet & E-Commerce?
Daniel Jiang Internet Telephone
Suzanne Schiller The Web in Europe
Ziun-Yih Yeh Internet Insurance Marketing

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