Notes from Focus Group Meeting: October 29, 1996

Lark Dunham

Gary Sabala

Shailen Mistry

Topic: Java

What is It?

Java is a highly efficient operating environment that is optimized for network environments. It is also platform independent. Applications that are written in Java can operate on any type of computer, independent of the resident operating system-environment. Java was originally developed for use on a PDA, which is why the system is so compact and efficient. Java was developed at Sun, in a division now known as Javasoft. There are tons of resources both on the Internet and in hardcopy that can give you more information about Java.

Why was it developed? What doesSun hope to gain?

As stated above, Java was orinally developed for a PDA. With the rise of the Internet and inter-office networking, the concept of the Network Computer (NC), really started to take off. Sun , a leading supllier of workstations, hopes to grow the market for networking in general, and in doing so, grow the demand for their servers. To learn more about the strategy behind Java, read the July issue of Sun World On-line. Java is being licensed to anyone and everyone who wants ..and the applications are really starting to take off.

Where can I get Java Applets and Applications?

There are a number of services that have sprung up to market the on-slaught of Java applications on the market. As expected,e vast majority of Java applications are being distributed over the Internet. (In fact-computer so the largest source of revenue for Electronic Commerce at the present time)Some of the companies selling over the Net include Gamelan and Cnet.

Another resource for those interested in creating Java applications themselves is published by Cybercom.

What is the market potential for Java?

Unknown. A lot of companies see this as a way to make a dent in Microsoft's death-grip on the industry. Some analysts, such as Cyberatlas, Forrester Research and IDC) have made a guess at the potential.