Internet Commerce Group Meeting
October 22, 1996

TOPIC: Meeting Leaders

October  29  Lark Dunham    JAVA
November  5  John Dick      WebTV / Set Top Boxes
November 12  Gary Sabala    Internet Security
November 19  Shailen Mistry Hackers
November 26  Sandra Doi     JAVA / Set Top Boxes

Everyone should bring leads to the meeting to be added to the homepage.

The group leader will lead the discussion and present her topic.

TOPIC: Meetings
Every Tuesday at 10 a.m.

TOPIC: Article on Intel's Palace - by Damon Darin in Forbes.

Intel's come up with a plan to assist start-ups that are developing networking applications. 
They will increase demand for better computers and better processors by developing 
appplications that need more computing power.

TOPIC: Set Top Boxes

Using cable modem to send information to the home, the use wireless link to send 
information back to the server.  The reason why satellite dishes are so small is because the 
satellites are really big.

TOPIC: Right of Way

All the following organizations/companies have the Right of Way.
CAL Aqueduct
PG & E
All RailRoads
CAL Trans
East Bay Mudd

SPRINT - SP stands for Southern Pacific

TOPIC: Next Killer Application

Interactive Chat Rooms where Real Audio will send voice.  So Cool Talk will be used in 
Chat Rooms.  Images and eventually video will be used in the Chat Rooms.  But a major 
draw for the chat rooms is for anonimity.  So people can tak e the voice and appearence of 
a character like Kermit the Frog, Cindy Crawford, Jessica Rabbit, or Sylvester Stallone.

TOPIC: Article posted on on all these companies getting into the internet 
business without really knowing what is going on.

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