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This page focuses on the applications driving the dynamic Internet commerce arena both in terms of the commercial and end user needs.

Links to sites of interest are organized under individual interest or on the pages related to the meetings

Internet Hackers --- Shailen S. Mistry

The Hackers on the Net website was created to explore the effect of Hackers on the Internet specifically with the concerns the development of internet Commerce.

Hackers prove to be a great threat to the development of internet commerce. Numerous breaks into networks, transfer of funds, and intrusion into confidential information, have made hackers a serious drawback to monetary transactions on the net.

Attempts by the government to combat hackers from around the world has not been successful. Hackers are a major security factor for all commercial applications. With the number of monetary traansactions jumping from 38 per day in 1985 to 1.2 million per day in 1993, the potential for computer hackers has grown enormously.

An average $800 billion is transferred among partners in international currency markets every day; about $1 trillion is transferred daily among U.S. banks; and an average $2 trillion worth of securities are traded daily in New York markets.
---Roger C. Herdman---

The amount of money being transferred today is at least ten times the above figures from 1993. As the general population becomes adept in computer technologies, more individuals will find ways to earn a living off other people's electronic transactions, bank accounts, and stock options.

Java Applications --- Lark Dunham

Researching the marketplace for Java applications and applets there are already some sites up for the purpose of selling app's over the Internet.
One such site is Gamelan by Earthweb.
Another related topic is the implications and viability of Java to change the face of the operating system market. Can this really disrupt Microsoft's stronghold?
Lark's Term Paper on Java
China's Xinhua Launches Business Computer Network
CONNECT Announces Java-Based Client/Server Object Architecture for Real-Time Interactive Commerce

Newton PDA --- Sandra Doi

My term project will look at the Newton PDA, with special attention to market and industry trends, technology paths, and innovative uses of this new medium. Just in the course of surfing around for 10 minutes, I ran into a page put up by group of doctors in Florida who are using PDAs as a diagnostic tool. Quality inspectors at Taco Bell use the Newton to issue reports to franchise managers and update the corporate database. Users are finding interesting ways to use the Newton to improve their commmunication, connectivity and productivity.

Newton's debuted in 1993 and quickly embarrassed Apple by its technological shortcomings. The fanfare quickly died down, but Apple continued to invest in the technology. Now, with the imminent release of the Newton 2000, the question remains -- has the technology caught up with the vision? What are the requirements for PDAs to be accepted by the mainstream? These are some of questions that my paper addresses.

Articles and Links:

Sandra's Term Paper on PDA's

Set Top Boxes --- John R Dick

I would like to explore the impact of devices such as set top boxes, network computers, and Internet ready Televisions on Internet commerce. The key questions I would address are:

Use of TV screens for Internet access:
If TV screens do become widely used for Internet access, this will probably require less text and higher bandwidth to deliver the replacement video content. How will this impact the content of the web and also the types of uses for the web? Will the transition to video lead to another avenue for passive entertainment? Would such a move squeeze out bandwidth available to the active, text-rich, web we know today?
Factors impacting adoption of set-tops:

Internet Commerce Security Issues/Technologies --- Gary Sabala

I would like to research the area of Internet commerce technologies, especially focusing on I-Commerce security devices and issues. Issues such as costs, development trends, maintainability, and current network security issues in Corporate America will be of particular interest to answering the question of the viability of I-commerce.
The following are links to various types of secure transaction applications which are currently available

General Articles

There is currently a body of interested parties which are attempting to better define the standards of secure transactions over the Internet. This governing body is named W3C.

With business beckoning on a the new electronic frontier, the need for developing a truly secure networking environment has risen to the fore front of issues concerning electronic commerce and the Internet. The Internet Security term paper is centered around defining the problem of providing security on an electronic frontier, and developing some potential strategies for protecting business information in an electronic environment.
Gary's Term Paper on Internet Security

Network Computer --- Ken Yaegashi

I would like to explore the development of the Network Computer and its viability in the future. The questions that I would like to answer are the following;

NC Companies & Products

Links Ken's Term Paper on the NC

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