Movie Review - War of the Worlds

Jorge E. Barreto

Reviewed October 9, 1996

The war of the worlds presented its views in a very subtle way, using satire and humor at times. The communication process or the way the information was conveyed in this 1953 movie is basically the same nowadays, with the only difference being that th e communication of ideas today is more direct. I feel that the average person is more educated today and therefore information regarding aliens need not be sugar-coated. I found the basic underlying theme of this movie to be similar in flavor to the summer hit Independence Day. Aliens invading earth, a war against the invadors that seemed futile, and a virus that ended up wipping the aliens out of the face of the earth - even though one was a living virus and the other a computer virus. Of course the special effects of today's movies are more impressive by far, and perhaps it's one of the reasons why the acting in the 1950's was so overdramatized. Contrary to the 1950's movies, I guess modern movies with excellent special effects can do well on the screen even if the acting is pretty lousy. I also thought it was interesting to see how peoples' views and perceptions on extraterrestrial life have changed since the 1950's. Space technology has changed our view of the world; it's allowed us to become more open-minded as we accept and understand to a higher degree the alien concept. In my opinion, we as a society have become more accepting of these issues because this information (about aliens) is being presented to us in a more direct way.