Class Folder access Problems
for Image DB class

Permission problems and storage space problems for your scanned images have (hopefully) been resolved. ITS has moved the files to a new location and changed permission controls. Howard has updated the Tshirt scanning explanation to reflect the changed procedure.

Note: You must first have access to the new SILS Novell server. If you began at SILS during Summer 1995 or later, you should already have access to the new Novell server. If you began at SILS before Spring of 1995, you will need to get a password for the new server. Students who need a password for the new server should stop by the ITS offices (314 W. Engin) during regular business hours. If that is not possible, please contact Matt McLean (, 936-7255) to arrange for a new password.

Accessing the storage space for your scans: From the Apple menu, pulldown to "File Servers" and choose "Course Folders". After typing your login and password, this should connect you to "SILS-NOVELL.COURSES" on the new fileserver. From then on, you will follow the previous Tshirt instructions, double-clicking on "Ongoing-Courses", then "ILS_609", then "Incoming_Images".

For further details and information about problems connecting to the new file server, see the message from Matt McLean in ITS below:

Message from Matt McLean, ITS

This document is in response to the numerous troubles students have been having with accessing the ILS 609 Class Folder. I would like to apologize to all students for the inconvience that this has caused them. Hopefully, this will clear up any questions and get you well on your way to working smothly in this class.

How do I write to this folder?!

This is the answer

To be able to write to this folder, you need to be logged on to the server "SILS-NOVELL" with your uniqname and password. Logging on as Guest will not be enough! When you are logging in it should give you a choice between "Apple Standard UAMs" or "Encrypted NetWare Authentication." If you are given this choice, allways select "Encrypted NetWare Authentication." If you are never offered this choice, then you are either allready logged on as Guest (which is bad) or you are on a non-sils computer. To log off, you will need to select all of the currently mounted volumes and drag them to the trash. They will appear on the desktop as red file-cabinets. Once you have dragged them off, you should be able to login normally.

But it tells me my password is incorrect?!

Unfortunately for a good portion of you, this may be true. If you are a returning student here, you will most likely need to come to the ITS offices (314 W. Engin) to have your password set for this new server. For new students, your password here should be the same as the one you requested on your account form for an "initial password". If it is still this password, please change it right away. If you need assistance with changing your password, please talk to an assistant in the DIAD lab or visit the ITS offices for help.

If you experience any problems, feel free to ask the DIAD assistant on duty for help, or just come down to the ITS offices. You can also send e-mail to for assistance with any problems related to your computer account.