Multimedia Fair use Guidelines:
The Educational Gateway to the Information Age

Thursday, 21 September 1995 1 PM - 3 PM
Erlicher Room (4th floor SILS)

Educators appreciate the powerful potential of multimedia. They also realize they face copyright issues as soon as they attempt to integrate this new technology into their courses.

Until now, this area of the law has been murky at best. Guidelines are now being developed to clarify what constitutes fair use of copyrighted materials in educational contexts. These guidelines will be made public for the first time during this telecast.

Viewers will learn the details of multimedia fair use guidelines that the Consortium of College and University Media Centers (CCUMC) is developing in cooperation with representatives from educational associations, proprietary groups, and the US Copyright Office. A series of vignettes will help illustrate what does and does not constitute multimedia fair use, and the expectations related to intellectual property, licensing, attribution, citation, and creative integrity will be thoroughly explained.

Those who helped develop the guidelines--representatives from the publishing, recording, motion media, and music industries and from educational associations and government agencies--will take call-in questions on the air.

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