Scanning and Saving--TShirt ImageDB Project

Prepared by Howard Besser for his Fall 1995 Image Database Class

Make sure you have arranged to pick up a group of Tshirts, and that you have reserved time on the scanner (if necessary).

The Scanning Process

You will do most of your scanning with the HP ScanJet flatbed scanner. General directions for the ScanJet Digitizer (written by ITS) should be followed only when they do not contradict the class instructions below:

Before you quit Deskscan

Before you quit Deskscan, restore the settings under "Type" and "Path" to look like:

Saving your files

When you are done with a scanning session, you will need to move your files into a permanent storage area on the fileserver. You could save these in your own AFS space, but because most of these images are rather large, you would probably prefer to save them within the central fileserver, in an area reserved for the class.