T-Shirt Image DB Project

This will explain the T-shirt Image Database Project being done for the Image Database class (ILS 603) taught Fall semester 1995 at the University of Michigan's School of Information and Library Studies.

During the first class session we will examine several dozen T-shirts and decide what text fields we will need to describe a database of these T-shirts on the WorldWide Web. During the first few weeks of the semester, each student will each digitize and catalog 15 T-shirts as part of the class project, (and by the end of the term, each student will digitize and catalog 30 of them). Over the course of the semester we will return to this database and use it as examples for various conceptual principles.

Search Engine information Sample search engine and instructions for creating HTML form's for PERL search engine for final projects

Access the Tshirt Database




Other T-shirt databases on the WWW:

Photoshop tutorial Times

These session are elementary instruction in Photoshop; please do not attend if you already have Photoshop experience. Both tutorials will be on Wed Sept 27 in the DIAD Lab. Only 20 students can be accomodated at each session. Sessions will run formally for about one hour, and you will have another half hour for individual practice. The key things you will need to learn are how to repair image blemishes and fading, and how to patch together images from multiple Tshirt scans.