FileSpace Problems

As most of you are aware, we have been experiencing severe storage space problems on the "Tshirt server". (Digitally, it looks like a worse storage problem than Howard's office!) This is due to a variety of factors (not enough storage space in ITS, an unexpectedly large enrollment for the class, some students doing their assignments ahead of time, the inability to schedule a Photoshop tutorial until Sept 27, etc.). Essentially, we have run out of space, and have had to "borrow" space that we will have to give up later.

We will be able to reclaim a significant amount of storage space once you begin compressing your files, but you should not do so until you have both edited your files in Photoshop, and created thumbnail images. Timing on this will be tricky, as we must give up the borrowed storage space on Oct 3.

So, I would like to ask all of you to try to comply with the following:

Note: Permission controls have been made more "normal"; you can now drag your files and folders into the trash. But please be careful not to drag anything there that you don't want to trash!