Cataloging the Tshirts

FileMaker Pro Tshirt Attributes Database:

The FileMaker Pro Tshirt database will be stored in the same parent folder as you will be storing your scanned images. To access the database, goto the file "Tshirt Database" in SILS-NOVELL.COURSES/Ongoing_Courses/ils_609/Incoming_Images/. Enter the database, then add a record for each Tshirt you have scanned. (Additional information about FileMaker Pro is available in the DIAD Lab.)

  1. Open the Tshirt Database.
  2. To create a new record select "New Record" from the Edit menu.
  3. Make sure you are in "Browse" mode (on "Select" menu), which allows you to enter data into the fields.
  4. Use the cataloging directions to decide how to enter the contents into each field. Enter the attributes into the appropriate fields by clicking on the field or using the Tab key (Press the Return key to insert additional information into a field).
    1. Make sure you enter both your uniqname and the scanned filename into the record.
    2. Fill out all fields that you can.
    3. Use consistent terminology; be careful about controlled vocabulary.
  5. When you are ready to add another new record, return to instruction #2.
  6. When you are done, make sure you successfully quit (otherwise your records will not be added to the database).