Archival Finding Aid Example

Below is an example of information contained in the first few pages of a finding aid for a photograph collection housed at the Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan:


PHOTOGRAPHS, 1964-1980.

1 linear ft.

The prints were donated by Andrew Sacks (donor 6781) in June 1982. The negatives were donated in Oct. 1994.

The collection is open for research, except that images may be released for advertising use only with the permission of the donor.

Copyright has been retained by the donor. A credit line must be used on all published photos and should read: (c) 1968 Andrew Sacks.

May Davis Hill, 1982; revised by Leonard A. Coombs, Dec. 1994

Introduction to the collection

Andrew Sacks was a student at the University of Michigan from 1965 until 1969, and was a photographer for the Michigan Daily during those years. During his senior year he served as photography editor for the Daily. After graduation, Sacks remained in Ann Arbor, working as a free-lance photographer.

The collection contains prints and 35 mm negatives of photographs taken between 1964 and 1980. The photographs primarily document student protests and other student political activities at the University of Michigan, as well as some other campus activities, including political speakers and social and musical events. Some events outside of Ann Arbor are also documented, including the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago and a Ku Klux Klan meeting in Dearborn, Mich.

The photographs are arranged chronologically, and are described in the following list by topic and date. Some undated photographs are grouped at the end of the sequence. Although the bulk of the collection is made up of negatives, for most topics the collection also contains prints of selected frames. In some cases there are no prints, and in a few cases no negatives. The list indicates these cases.

Prints and negatives are filed in parallel sequences in the collection, both in the same order.

Box No. 1 Description

Diag induction burning, Nov. 14, 1964 [prints and negatives]

Vietnam memorial, Oct. 16, 1965 [prints and negatives]

Veterans parade, Nov. 11, 1954 [negatives only] Once (Again) concert, John Cage, et al., 1965 [prints and negatives]

Vietnam protest, 1965? [negatives only]

Ernst Goodman, ACLU, Jan. 25, 1966 [negatives only]

Dancing--Mothers, Apr. 1966 [negatives only]

West Physics destruction, July 15, 1966 [negatives only]

Diag rally--Stan Nadel, Sept. 2, 1966 [negatives only]

Sit-in, Nov. 1966 [prints and negatives]

Carl Oglesby, 1966? [negatives only]

Childrens...Diana Oughton, 1966? [negatives only]

Drug teach-in and John Sinclair, Jan. 7, 1967 [prints and negatives]

Sit-in, Jan. 11, 1967 [negatives only]

More sit-in, Jan. 18, 1967 [negatives only]

Tim Leary, medicine man, Feb. 12, 1967 [prints and negatives]

EMU protest, Apr. 6, 1967 [prints and negatives]

U Thant and Robben Fleming, Honors Convocation, Apr. 1967 [negatives only]

Diag rally, Bishop James Pike, Oct. 11, 1967 [prints and negatives]

Burnt draft card, Oct. 18, 1967 [prints and negatives]

Teach-in against war research, Oct. 30, 1967 [negatives only]

Turning in draft card at Quaker Center, Dec. 5, 1967 [prints and negatives]

Aerial photos of protest, 1967? [prints and negatives]

Smoky I--Stokely Carmichel, 1967 [negatives only]

Detroit love-in, 1967 [negatives only]

Goss Unitube and Student Publications Building, Mar. 20, 1968 [negatives only]

McCarthy in Detroit, Mar. 22, 1968 [negatives only]

Draft card turn-in, Apr. 2, 1968 [negatives only]

Draft Board march, June 4, 1968 [negatives only]

Daily RFK extra, June 1968 [negatives only]

Peace march--Resistance, July 1968 [negatives only]

Lyndon B. Johnson (at the VFW?), Aug. 19, 1968 [prints and negatives]

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