Fall 1995 Individual Projects

Most students projects are available only within the University of Michigan domain:

  • Ophthalmology Thesaurusby Nancy Scherer
  • Images and the WWWby Eileen Fenton
  • Proposed interface for scale informationby Mark Handel
  • Videoconferencing Projectby Susan Hinton
  • The Museum Education Site Licensing Project: Issues of Copyright Protectionby Cara List and a paper.
  • Protecting digital images: Image quality and labellingby Cameron Trowbridge
  • Image collections on the WWWby Karen Spencer
  • Document imaging: Improving records management at Ultracomby Cory Brandt
  • Annotated Web sites about collections of imagesby Yu-Ling Fan
  • Stearns database issuesby Nancy Vlahakis
  • Subject Heading Terms Used for Photographs in the Walter P. Reuther Labor Collections by Amy James
  • Pewabic Pottery Collectionby Vlad Wielbut
  • Image bank management scope notesby Kathy Steiner
  • Creation of an Image Management Database for the Historical Center for the Health Sciencesby Deborrah Torres
  • Ophthalmology Image Database Search Engineby Wendy Burnett
  • Chico Projectby Brad Taylor
  • Benitoite Type Locality Exhibitby Randy Kemp