Previous Exhibition Citations

Mrs. Walter R. Parker loaned the Detroit Museum of Art a collection of her art objects for exhibitionpaintings, prints, sculpture and pottery. Included in the pottery were seven pieces of Pewabic Pottery and a Rakka ware chalice. November 9, 1917, to March 17, 1925.

Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts, 47 Watson Street, Detroit. Twenty-five year retrospective exhibition of work of Mary Chase Stratton, three weeks in December 1932.

Fifteen pieces exhibited in November and December 1972; Fred Bleicher in University of Michigan Museum Practice 607 class.

Arts and Crafts in Detroit 1906-1976: The Movement, The Society, The School, Detroit Institute of Arts, November 1976-January 1977; twenty-two examples of Pewabic Pottery, eight from the Parker Collection.

The Craftsman in Detroit 1901-1916, Detroit Historical Museum, January 8-April 11, 1981; seventeen examples of Pewabic Pottery.

Margaret Watson Parker--A Collectors Legacy , University of Michigan Museum of Art, March 20-April 26, 1982; thirty examples of Pewabic Pottery.