"28. Matt black vase with roughish spongy drip of strong blue green showing black through heavy edge with green gold ".


UM72; DIA76; DHM81; UM82

7 1/16 (18.1 cm) h

impressed medallion mark; four paper medallion labels; three sepia-lettered "Pewabic Pottery" labels affixing a larger paper label "July 25, 1917 Hold for Mr. Freer"; one medallion label has "28"; one Pewabic Detroit paper label

Miss Perry sketched this piece in the Day Book, v. 4, July 25, 1917, page 352 (AAA, reel 1014, frame 0324) with the written glaze notation: "green 2A top over black base". The 2A iridescent glaze produces colors ranging from green such as on this vessel to "ruby red".