Cameron Trowbridge
ILS 603: Image Databases
Individual Project
November 4, 1995

Protecting Digital Images: Image Quality and Labelling

This project is an expansion of my individual paper for ILS603, Image Protection for Archives, Special Collection Libraries and Museums in the WWW Environment. My paper discussed the different kinds of encryption devices and labeling methods which can be used to prevent or discourage unauthorized or illegal further use of digital facsimiles displayed on the World Wide Web. I was particularly interested in how these issues related to Archives, Special Collection Libraries and Museums who are planning to exhibit digital images of their collections.

As a companion project I thought it would be interesting to experiment with encryption software, different scanning methods, and labelling digital images with information identifying the repository's name. Since I was unable to find any digital encryption software with which I could experiment, I narrowed my project to working with low resolution images, dynamic range and labeling schemes. For more information about an encryption software discussed in my paper, please see the home page for Digimark Corporation.

With current digital image delivery techniques, providing digital facsimiles on the World Wide Web can offer invaluable information. It should not, however, be the purpose of the digital representations to act as substitutes for the original source material. Rather, it offers a platform for Archives, Special Collection Libraries and Museums to exhibit samplings of their holdings to a wide audience of potential researchers.

It is important to note that the images used to conduct this project are not from the original source. The digital images used were scanned from two 35mm color photographs taken of material from the Labadie Collection with the permission of the Assistant Curator, Julie Herrada. Both images are of Joseph Labadie, the Detroit anarchist who donated his library to the University of Michigan. I have used these two images to demonstrate a range of image qualities when scanned at low resolution with differnt dynamic range. I have also used these images to illustrate different labeling methods.

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Cameron Trowbridge