Image Bank Management Scope Notes


This document provides guidance for entering data into a File Maker Pro database designed to hold basic information about photographs utilized by a sample institution in creating World Wide Web pages, CD-Rom products, and publications. The major purpose of the database is to serve as a reference for the repository on sources of individual images incorporated into such projects. Information contained in the database about individual images is utilized during the development of a project, as well as in anticipation of future projects and for tracking on copyright and use restrictions. The final version will include thumbnail images.

It is assumed that the degree of description will vary and that the level of specificity will depend on available information and organizational needs. When possible and appropriate, data is adapted from previously cataloged records.

Standard reference tools such as AACR2, Art and Architecture Thesaurus, Graphic Materials: Rules for Describing Original Items and Historical Collections, Library of Congress Subject Headings, National Library of Medicine's Alphabetical Annotated List (MeSH), and LC Thesaurus for Graphic Materials: Topical Terms for Subject Access are consulted in preparing the records. The database, however, is intended to serve a mangement function at a local level and is not designed for shared electronic access.


I. Cataloging Data and Numbers

II. Image Origin

III. Original Image

IV. Digitial Version

V. Subjects

VI. Use Information

VII. Notes

VIII. Term Definitions

IX. References

Kathy Steiner / ILS603 - Besser / November 20, 1995