Fall 1995 Group Projects

Most students projects are available only within the University of Michigan domain:

  • Ophthalmology Image Databaseby Nancy Scherer, Rebeccah Kamp and Wendy Burnett
  • PICNIC at the Arboretumby Eileen Fenton, Karen Spencer and Rachel Lewellen
  • Images of Polio - a collaboratory project between students at SILS, the Bentley Historical Library and the Historical Center for the Health Sciences
    by Andrea Richeson, Deborah Torres and Kathy Steiner
  • Francis W. Kelsey and the Near East Expedition of 1919-1920by Randy Kemp, Cory Brandt and Vlad Wielbut
  • Beverly SILS 48109by Paul Lefrak, Rachael Onuf and Mark Handel
  • Grave Markers Projectby Susan Hinton, Amy James, and Brad Taylor
  • The Labadie Collectionby Yu-Ling Fan and Barbara Perles
  • The Bayon Databaseby Maia Jin, Cara List and Cameron Trowbridge