Art Information Task Force Members

Rachel Allen
Research & Scholars Center
National Museum of American Art

James M. Bower
Project Manager, Vocabularly Coordination Group
Getty Art History Information Program

Mary Case
Office of the Registrar
Smithsonian Institution

John R. Clarke
Department of Art
University of Texas at Austin

Suzannah Fabing
Division of Research on Collections
National Gallery of Art

Eleanor Fink (Task Force Chairperson)
Program Manager, Information Standards and Services
Getty Art History Information Program

Marilyn Aronberg Lavin
Independent Scholar

Barbara Orbach Natanson
Prints & Photographs Division
Library of Congress

Toni Petersen
Director, Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Helene E. Roberts
Fine Arts Library, Harvard University
Fogg Art Museum

Dean Walker
Department of Decorative Arts
Philadelphia Museum of Art