This publication is dedicated to the members of the Art Information Task Force, who so generously gave their expertise and energy over a three-year period, and to AITF administrators and coordinators Patricia J. Barnett, Margaretta Sander, and Cathleen K.Whitehead. Special gratitude is due to Jennifer Trant, who substantially enhanced the text of the Categories during her tenure on the AITF.

Thanks are also due to Deborah Wilde, former Project Manager, Standards and Research Projects, Getty Art History Information Program, who coordinated the work of the Art Information Task Force and its consultants from 1991 to early 1995, always providing an art historian's perspective.

A special statement of thanks goes to the members of the AHIP editorial team who took a "white elephant" and gave it new life, resulting in the present Categories document. The team was led by Senior Editor Murtha Baca and included Program Manager Joseph Busch, Senior Editor Patricia Harpring (whose input as an art historian was invaluable), and Systems Project Manager Jane Sledge. Nancy Bryan of AHIP Publications was an endlessly patient copy editor, and Kezia Schulhof of AHIP's Standards and Research Projects cheerfully endured innumerable changes to a massive and much-manipulated word-processing document. Nathaniel O'Dell Bleekman and Christina Yamanaka were instrumental in preparing the final typescript for the special issues of Visual Resources.

Thanks also go to Technical Producer Karen Donoghue and her team of hypertext "taggers"-- Nathaniel O'Dell Bleekman, Leslie Ivie, and Kezia Schulhof --, to whom we owe the look and feel of the hypertext publication of the Categories. Thanks to Richard Dolen for writing the installer which allows us to publish such a replete document on diskette. SoftQuad HoTMetaL PRO™ was used to tag the documents using HTML.

Last but certainly not least, our thanks go to Eleanor Fink, Director of the Getty Art History Information Program, who provided the long-nurtured vision for this initiative, and who served as the task force chair from 1990 to 1994.