Image Database Bibliography

by Howard Besser

assisted by Rebecca Kamp

This is a relatively comprehensive bibliography on works of interest to those engaging in Image Database projects. The focus here is on continuous-tone (rather than document) images. The citations are kept in a Pro-Cite database maintained by Howard Besser, and excerpts from this are periodically put onto the WorldWide Web.

Collections of articles
- Anthologies, special issues, and groups of articles related to Image Databases. (These are single places where one can find a number of different pieces on Image Databases.

Newest Citations
- A list of post-1990 citations in alphabetical order, with descriptors.

The following list is the complete database (including the Newest Citations) sorted by descriptor.

This Bibliography was originally developed by Howard Besser in 1990. Assistance was provided by Eva Garcelon, Dru Mogge, Pat Vandenberg, and the Museum Informatics Project. The project was extended and redesigned by Rebecca Kamp in 1996.

Created March 15, 1996, last modified March 17, 1996.