Timothy Hackett

Hi! Timothy Hackett 'here'... I'm an alumnus of the UCB SLIS and have been working for the past four years in the Reference Department at California State University, Dominguez Hills , which is located in the South Bay... of Los Angeles. So, I currently live in SoCal Mondays through Thursdays and then find refuge for mind, body, and spirit in my pied a terre, affectionately known as the Telepad , on Telegraph and Stuart. Avenues, on the weekends and academic holidays.

My basic motive for taking the LIS 296 class is to find out about some basics of multimedia and networking that I might be able to apply to the CSUDH campus in terms of its bibliographic instruction, LANs, and remote database access. I've written a couple papers on these topics:

Because of this, or perhaps in spite of this, I follow the PACS-L, Nettrain-L, and CWIS-L , and Newlist listservs regularly :B:-) About a year ago when I thought I had more time, diskspace, and eyesight for smaller fonts, I used to subscribe to too many lists such as Travel-L among others; however, I have pretty much bailed on these as I was rapidly being deluged by the flood of 'stuff' pouring off the infoscape.

Thus, it would follow that I consider joining the information retrieval/information filtering focus group in order to find out how other finite beings deal with a seemingly infinite supply of screenfill.

A couple of the CWIS/Library sites that I have found interesting are at:

Virginia Polytechnic and State University
Dartmouth College

I'm a member of CLA (California Library Association) and BMUG ('bout machines u gnow). When not hanging out in LAX or SFO airports I enjoy playing acoustic guitar/electric bass and mountain bike-riding.

OK, that's my humble C.V.even though I haven't divulged my favorite food (Thai), favorite scotch (read it in my M2 profile), or last book read (Epic of Gilgamesh).

TH, aka


"Your mantra of the day ...'dev null'"

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