Friday Noon Lecture Series
Impact of New Information Resources: Multimedia and Networks

Note to the UC Berkeley community: Most of the these lectures have been captured on video and are available for viewing. Click here for information on where to get videotaped copies of the lectures.

List of Speakers:

Current Speaker Series (Fall 1994)

Chris Carlsson
The Shape of Truth to Come: New Media and Knowledge

Steve Cisler
Community Networks: Building Electronic Greenbelts

K. D. Davis
The Imaginary Subject and the Virtual Body in Corporate Videocommunication

Michael Ester
Issues in the Use of Electronic Images for the Arts and the Humanities

Lee Felsenstein
The Commons of Information

Majorie Franklin
The Conceptual Space of Computers in Art Production: Thoughts on Digital and Interactive Art

Larry Friedlander
Multimedia as Theater and Theater as Multimedia

John Gage
Navigating the Information Superhighway

Stanley R. Greenfield
Textbooks Online, Dial-a-book, and Monographic Databases

Lynn Hershman
Electronic Subversions: Art of a New Reality

Terry Kero
Video Jukeboxes for Distance Learning: The Pacifica Public Schools Project

Rob Kling
Who's Gonna Get It?: The Meanings and Conditions of Universal Access to Computer Networks Within the National Information Infrastructures

Steven R. Lerman
Polishing our Image: The Design and Implemantation of a Distributed Client/Server System for the Image Collections

Paul Evan Peters
The Internet and Beyond: Where No Information or User Has Gone Before

Richard Prelinger
Don't Fence Us In: The Next Few Years of the Intellectual Property Debate

Howard Rheingold
Surfing the Internet: Realities of the Virtual Community

Pam Rosenthal
Surfing History, Hacking Metaphor: Two or Three Ways to Know Yourself in Cyberspace

John Sanborn
It's Always Darkest Just Before It Fades to Black: Using Desktop Tools To Create Video and Multimedia

Rob Semper
Virtual Field Trips: The Exploratorium Ventures Out Onto the Net

Barbara Simons
The Information Highway has Many Potholes

Bob Stein
The Future of Publishing

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