Friday Noon Lecture Series
Impact of New Information Resources: Multimedia and Networks

The Imaginary Subject and the Virtual Body in Corporate Videocommunication

K. D. Davis
Author and Award-Winning Filmmaker

The close examination of communication artifacts can reveal much about elements of our culture and values. In this presentation, K. D. Davis will analyze videobased communications used to help train Bank of America employees. Based upon her article in the current issue of Afterimage, Ms. Davis will expose the grammar of these communications, provide an analytical critique of information technology within the corporate environment, and examine the implications of the imaginary subject and the virtual body. Her talk will be amply illustrated with videos obtained from the B of A corporate archives.

K. D. Davis is an award-winning filmmaker who has worked with both video and multimedia. Much of her creative work is characterized by an acerbic wit that exposes the humor in commonplace situations that surround us. Her recent work, Over the Hedge, explored a highly-eccentric suburban American environmental artform: the topiary garden and its avid practitioners. This aired last month on PBS's P.O.V. series.

Friday November 12
1 Leconte

co-sponsored by the School of Library and Information Studies and the School of Journalism

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