Evolution, empowerment, tribute, or a "dehumanized-commercialized-pseudo-bastardized-anlgoized version"*

The next three segments will look at specific cases of cultural iconography, codification and commodification. All segments supply imagery and text from a variety of sources. The idea here is to examine each segment and keep in mind the many shifts and impositions ethnic cultures can undertake. Culture can evolve into a greater or more current state. It can also be re-invented and used as a source of empowerment. Respect for one's culture can also be shown in benign acts of imitation. Or, culture can be brokered and prostituted for the gains of a removed, and usually insensitive, conglomerate.

The Sacrilege of Body Manipulations

Hip-Hop and Hilfiger

Savage Men and Exotic Women

*The end phrase comes from a spoken word piece, entitled "Race and I'm Running" by Marlon Unas. This is from the CD, Broken Speak: I was Born With Two Tongues, which includes a collection of work from different Asian American spoken word artists and musicians.