in American Pop Culture.

Are we burning?

Trade characters and tokens

Evolution, empowerment, tribute, or a "dehumanized-commercialized-pseudo-bastardized-anlgoized version" ?

But we are Americans



The title of this project is more than mere gibberish. It was created to hopefully encapsulate the different aspects of this website. Presented in this project is a "multi-cultural" facet that deals with past and prevailing issues surrounding particular ethnic groups in America. The "multi-media" facet deals with the styles in which we receive this information from different sources and modes of mass communication. "Miscellany" (as defined in the Oxford Eglish dictionary) deals with a "collection of various items or ingredients"- which entails the array of images and resources used to further the analysis of the aforementioned. And the "ism" is the phenomenon that the culmination of these facets produce under the machination of American popular culture.

In more simpler terms, American pop culture as the "cultural broker" of ethnic materials and icons will be examined. Questions will be asked to provoke critical thinking and discussions about America's identity and trends to commodify as well as codify ethnic heritage, personas and rites.


Cultural brokers are simply defined as those who trade in popular culture at a national/international level. They are located between the core areas of global production on the one hand and semi-peripheral areas of popular consumption on the other. But brokers do much more than merely trade in culture. They define its meaning, they establish its significance in the overall order of things, they endow it with particular kinds of power. (Peace)