mass media group readings
for October 24
group leader: Annie Zeidman

how do we know what we know from mass media?

1. consider how the following news agencies cover a similar story:

humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

Los Angeles Times
New York Times - opinion piece
Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting
From The Observer (U.K) by way of

Please be prepared to discuss how these views differ from each other

2. Understanding Islam/the East and the media:

This is a recent article by Edward W. Said, a professor at Columbia of English and Comparative Literature in which he talks about how the East and the West are set up (falsely) as opposites. This is a more current take on one of the important points he made in his 1981 book Covering Islam : how the media and the experts determine how we see the rest of the world(which appears to be missing or checked out from our library system. I have an excerpt from the book taken from Harper's Magazine from that same year. Let me know if you'd like a copy.).

Said, Edward W.THE CLASH OF IGNORANCE. Nation v273, n12 (Oct 22, 2001):11.

3. Understanding popular music and the media:

Consider how Trisha Rose addresses rap culture and how its portrayed in the popular culture in her article: Rap music and the demonization of young black males. (The United States of Violence: A Special Section) (Cover Story), USA Today (Magazine), May 1994 v122 n2588 p35(2).

4. Visual art and the media:

I will also bring the The Guerrilla Girls' bedside companion to the history of Western artfor a funny and decidedly different view of art history.