Discussion Topic: Mass Media and Cultural Exploitation
Group Leader: Anna Liza Posas

Hi everyone, here are the "readings" for my section, it actually consists of a few brief articles, an old cartoon and a couple of websites for you to peruse. I am sorry to make it so web heavy, but like the rest you, I found this to be the easiest medium. The overall topic is cultural representation and views in media and popular culture-past and present. I will address this topic by looking at three areas, so if you do not have time to read or look at everything I listed, you can choose to concentrate on one area

1.) Pacific Island Representation

a. Article by Huanani Trask- it is pretty lengthy, but please pay attention to the part where she mentions "hula-hula" girls and the cultural prostitution of the Hawaiians.

b. Tiki room website - just take a looksee and take note of types of images that are portayed on this site


2.) Cartoons and how their past "racial insensitivities" effect us today.

a. Two brief articles regarding the Cartoon Network's "June Bugs" a 49-hour Bugs Bunny Marathon

b. A cartoon clip from the early days of animation that is found in LOC's American Memory collection. To get to the cartoon click the address below, click on "Alphabetical Title List" and choose "Bobby Bumps Starts a Lodge." It will take a while to download, so be prepared.


3.) Current Cultural Representations in Television and Music

a. Three brief articles- I am planning to discuss these articles along with our personal observations of ethnic representation in televisions, commercial and movies. So, just note one or two commercials, movies or TV shows that you have noticed of late that you can bring into the discussion.

b.Websites/articles- "Commissioners seek crackdown on indecency" and "FCC dub feminist lyrics patently offesive." These two pieces regarding the FCC suit against Sarah Jones rappist, spoken word artist and feminist.