Image of Libraries in Popular Culture

October 17, 2001


Next meeting 10/24/01 9 AM to discuss "War of the Worlds", Rupert Giles articles, "Libraries, Librarians and the Discourse of Fear", and ?? whatever anyone comes up with by Monday.

11/7/01 meeting at 11am.

11/11/01 meeting 10am LuValle to discuss second SF movie "Until the End of the World"


Myers-Briggs Type Indicators: Heather - ISFJ Adriane - ENFJ Darlynn- ENFJ Dana - ENFP Cheryl - INFP

We read the article "Shattering Our Stereotype: Librarians' New Image" and took the Myers-Briggs test so that we could discuss the "typical" librarian "type". It was discovered that only one group member fit the traditional "type" that is assigned to librarians- ISFJ. Adriane's husband (an attorney) is INTJ which is one of the two most common "types" found in librarians. We wondered how accurate these tests are in determining our personality type. What about biased questions? We discovered through discussion that although a question may seem to have a biased slant to one person, there will be someone who thinks it is biased in the other direction. We are convinced that the society that we live in desires extroverts. People tend to answer the Myers-Briggs questions in a way that will be found acceptable by the outside world. What you believe about yourself and what is socially acceptable may influence the outcome of a Myers-Briggs test. Since society views introversion as "bad", and librarians as introverts, does society believe that librarians are "bad"?

We talked over The Modified Librarian Website In some systems librarians with dyed hair and piercings are common. While in other systems it is unheard of. We talked about the "bun", the stereotypical librarian hairdo. No one could remember ever seeing an actual librarian with a bun. The idea of embracing the stereotype (and mocking it) in order to combat the image was discussed. For example, we could all go to work with 10-15 pencils stuck in our bun.

Batgirl was a librarian in the comic book and the tv show (but what came first?). She lost her librarian identity when Hollywood brought her to the big screen in Batman Forever.