Distance Ed


Academic Outreach - UM
HomePage to UM Distance Ed Resources

Asynchronous Learning Networks
Profiles of Sloan grantee programs

Indiana U - Biology Resources
Online material to support teaching biology curriculum

College and Univ Home Pages
Distance Ed Clearinghouse @ UW
A comprehensive site with lots of excellent links

Distance Ed - U Alberta Guide
A good place to get started

Yahoo Distance Ed Subject Guide
Yahoo Distance Ed Subject Guide

VTel Site
Advice on setting up a distance ed program

Danville CC Dist. Ed. Hotlist
Links to sites that transmit with compressed T-1, DDS-# and Microwave

Nat'l Teachrs Enhancmnt Netwrk
Graduate science and math course offered via modem connection

NTU Home Page
One of the oldest satellite delivery programs in the country offering degree and non-degree programs

Simon Frasier U - Virtual U
Simon Frasier U - Virtual U

UM Distance Ed
Overview and resources of distance education as part of the Academic Outreach program at the University of Michigan

The Globewide Network Academy
Voluntary consortium of institutions offering distance ed

UM Sample Project w/ Real Audio
My "masters" thesis an online presentation with audio and visuals

Yahoo - Distance Ed Subject Ind
Yahoo - Education:Alternative:Distance Learning

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