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Pre-Focus Group Questionnaire Friday, February 27, 1998 PM

__Male __Female
Age: __20-35 __36-50 __51-65

10. If you have used digital images, what did you use them for?

11. What is the highest percent of the total amount of images that were digital in any term you taught with digital images? (i.e., if you used only digital images, your answer would be 100%) ____________%

12. You have 20 points to divide up and allocate to the barriers to using digital images listed below. Please use your points by assigning more points to barriers you feel are greater. Feel free to add other barriers if necessary.

_____ image selection

_____ image quality

_____ text data

_____ technical support and training

_____ equipped classrooms and labs

_____ accessibility for students

_____ software tools and templates to manage images

_____ delivery speed to display images

_____ copyright issues

_____ cost of acquiring or using images

_____ acceptance by other faculty members

_____ time required


We may have a few follow-up questions for you after today's discussion. If you're willing to have us contact you with some questions via email, please print your name and email address below.


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The Cost of Digital Image Distribution:
The Social and Economic Implications of
the Production, Distribution, and Usage of Image Data

By Howard Besser & Robert Yamashita