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Chart 3: Log Files

Log files were used to monitor usage of the MESL data and to track users for security reasons. Cornell, Illinois and Maryland did not keep log files. Virginia did keep log files, but since the logging software was already on the server prior to the installation of MESL, no additional staff time was required. American was the only university to perform regular analysis of its log data for both Year 1 and Year 2. For this reason American's hours were considerably higher than those of the other universities; they reported 120 hours in this cost center for both Year 1 and Year 2.


The Web server administration software maintained log files. These logs were regularly segmented into appropriate sections for processing, then the software utility analyzed the log data and created a usage report in HTML. Based on this usage report, summary reports were produced using Quattro Pro.


They maintained log files and did sporadic analysis using SAS.


Michigan started to maintain log files in December 1996, using Analog software. They also generated reports retroactively to the beginning of the project.

Table 3: Log file analysis software used and tasks performed

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