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Chart2: Security

During both Year 1 and Year 2 Illinois, Maryland, and Virginia spent a minimum amount of time on this cost center, under 10 hours. American had the highest number of hours in Year 1, 104. Michigan had the most hours worked in Year 2, 207. Columbia had no hours worked for Year 1, but 167 in Y2. Cornell and Virginia had no hours worked for Year 2.


Procedures: They implemented security restriction by IP address so only those users from within the university's domain or the domain of another participating university could access the MESL data and images. They used the features which were already part of the server administration software, WebSTAR, to check IP addresses as individuals attempted to gain access to the site.


Procedures: They implemented an IP-based security system. Similar to American's system, the capability was built into their server software, Apache. In their technical report they indicated that they were experimenting with a non-IP based security software so this would account for the increase in hours in Year 2.


Procedures: They implemented security restrictions by IP addresses.


Procedures: They implemented IP address checking through their web server. In Year 2 they also had a login and password system for users outside of the Illinois domain.


Procedures: Access was controlled via IP address checking, a standard feature of their Web server software.


Procedures: Until February 1997, access was limited by IP address or domain name, when they upgraded to a more sophisticated, commercial system.


Procedures: IP Address checking was implemented and since it was a feature of the server software they were already using, it required minimal time to implement.

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The Cost of Digital Image Distribution:
The Social and Economic Implications of
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