24/7 - a DIY Video Summit, USC, Feb 8-10, 2008

Notes by Howard Besser


conference program      |       Howard's photos from meeting

Panel on State of Research

David Buckingham (UK)


Michael Wesch (Kansas)


Eric Garland


John Seeley Brown


The old distinction btwn amateur and professional is no longer valid, as many people become involved not just because of love, but because they have a game-plan to become a professional (American Idol).  Is “making money” or “being recognized w/I small community” the goal for most of these people?


Panel on State of the Art

Alexandra Juhasz    “Learning from YouTube” youtube videos
Sam Gregory-Witness Hub  -- smart narrowcasting instead of broadcasting

Juan Davis—KCET “Web Stories” – “Sustaining LA”  Communities like “Fallen Fruit”

Henry Jenkins – YouTube is convergence of older traditions -- fan-culture, skate-culture+amateur-culture

Panel on The Intellectual Property Dilemma

Fred von Lohmann—User-Generated Content/Participatory Media



Fred Graver -- Re-Mix America Project (Lessig & Norman Lear)


Panel on DIY Tools and Platforms

Angela Gyetvan (Revver)


Marc Davis (Yahoo social network guru)


Dean Jansen (Participatory Culture Foundation), developing Miro


Joi Ito (Creative Commons Board Chair, entrapreneur)




Howard’s notes to self

© films that I need to remember for Orphans


Show “The Machine is Using US” to New Media class


we can cut-and-paste text btwn works and applications because underlying standard is ascii; when will we have underlying standards like this for video?


deep-linking and downloading are resisted by content industry


Flip-TV—Can distrib onto various diff platforms

Kaltura (flash-based collab video editing system, with edit log tracking like Wikipedia)


Yahoo Live launched last nite (not only asynchronous, but also real-time)


2000 political activist net conference at Tisch/Net-Time??? – generic term?