March Against Republican National Convention
New York City, August 29, 2004
by Howard Besser

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Getting ready for the demo

Police Zeppelin appears as March begins

March passes Madison Square Gardens

March continues with network news coverage

Upper East Side Metropolitan Republican Club

Police appear to block entrance to Central Park near Great Lawn and guard Metropolitan Museum

Times Square Area and Mouse-Bloc protest at Broadway shows

Billionaires for Bush demonstrate on sidewalk in front of TKTS and are ordered to disperse by police

This photographer is threatened with arrest by police video-cameraman

Police arrest demonstraters at 46th and Broadway

Illinois Republican delegates (in orange) argue with demonstrators

Leftover trash from police poloroid mugshots of arrestees at 46th and Broadway

Republican delegates and families

Arrestees at 45th and 8th Ave

Republican delegates rush past arrest site at 45th and 8th Ave


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Tuesday Demonstration

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