#OWS, #Occupy

Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Everything, October 2011-January 2012

photos by Howard Besser

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Occupy UC Berkeley 3 month anniversary, Feb 10, 2012

Occupy Wall Street (Zuccotti Park), Jan 24

American Library Association features Occupy Wall Street Librarians--Dallas, Jan 21

Occupy Dallas, Jan 21

Before Christmas, Occupy Dallas split into about 4 groups, each with different approaches of what to do after their camp was raided by the police.  (Occupy Now, Occupy North Texas, Occupy Big D, Peoples' Assembly, and Occupy Dallas)  Recently they had had a rapprochement, but some tensions were still very high in the meeting.  And some of the groups continue to meet separately.  Occupy Dallas has General Assembly meetings every Sat (with 50-60 people) and every Thurs (with maybe 20 people).  I attended the Sat Jan 21 meeting.  A visitor from Occupy Boston reported on what they have been doing, and both of us commented a lot during the GA discussion, providing insight into directions and tactics being used in other cities.  I also reported to them about the work of Activist Archivists, and about the ALA events around the Occupy movement.

Occupy Dallas--allied activities--protest against "Citizens United" court decision, Jan 20

Occupy Boston, Occupy Harvard, Jan 4-10

Occupy Washington DC (K Street, McLaren Park), Dec 12

Occupy UK--Bank of Ideas, Dec 9

Occupy UK--Finsbury Square, Dec 9

Occupy UK--St Paul Church, Dec 9

Occupy UK--Bristol, Dec 6,7

Occupy Berkeley, Dec 1

Occupy Oakland, Dec 1

Occupy New York City, Nov 27

Liberty Square

Work Groups in Public Atrium

Citibank promotion to bring customers back to the bank

Occupy Berkeley, Nov 21

Occupy Cal Berkeley, Nov 21

Occupy Austin, TX, Nov 18

Occupy Rio de Janeiro, Cinelandia, Nov 14

  YouTube video of Antonio Negri visiting Occupy Rio on Nov 8 

Occupy Rio de Janeiro, Cinelandia, Nov 3

background article:  Brazil Occupy Movement Rolls into Rio, by Fabiola Ortiz, Upside Down World, Nov 3, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, Liberty Square, NYC, Oct 17

Occupy Times Square, NYC, Oct 15

Occupy K Street, Washington DC, Oct 13 (after rain)

Occupy Wall Street, Liberty Square, Oct 11