Vietnamese Independence

September 2 is celebrated as Vietnam's Independence Day. In 1945, Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnam's independence in a speech. The French, however, did not relinquish their former colony without a fight. In 1954, after many negotiations and battles, the French were defeated. Ho controlled North Vietnam and Ngo Dinh Diem eventually controlled the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam). In 1956, Diem refused to hold a scheduled election to unite the states. Civil war ensued, continuing with international help until 1976, when the North Vietnamese were victorious.

Although Ho died on September 2, 1969, his presence pervades Vietnam. Despite winning independence, cultural legacies from France, as well as from Russia and the United States, influence the Vietnamese today.


flags in street Russian flags flags in street

cap closeup of star on a flag

posters celebrating Independence Day posters celebrating Independence Day poster celebrating Independence Day poster celebrating Independence Day poster celebrating Independence Day
Ho on a t-shirt Independence Day poster with Ho Independence Day poster with Ho Ho on a t-shirt


Ho in naval unifromHo in army outfit

Ho at an army hadquarters Ho with a group of people

Ho in a field Ho with people Ho with people digging picture of Ho

Ho sitting by a tree Ho meeting with sad women Ho waving Ho sitting regally Ho reading

Ho outside a building flowers, an admirer, and Ho Ho at a pond Ho in a garden Ho sitting on a lawn chair


the mausoleumthe mausoleum the mausoleum the mausoleum at night

the Ho Chi Minh museum entrance with visitors the Ho Chi Minh Museum

statue of Lenin in Hanoi

french-style old building in Hanoi

old buildings in Hanoi which resemble medieval cities

ornate building in Saigon the Hanoi Theater

La Vache qui rit billboard Bonjour le monde kiosk

bakery with french breads bakery with french breads bakery with french breads woman holding a basket of french breads

mickey mouse clock billboard for Citizens Bank furbys on the street body-builder ad

toothpastespencil boxes (front view)pencil boxes (rear view)Spring soap

Mobil gas stationsoda bottles mickey mouse daypack

This story was created by Heather Cleary for the UCLA class, IS287a.
Photographs are courtesy of Howard Besser.