10:42 a.m. PST  -- 21 February 2003

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2 Women Left at Alter by T-Shirt Bandit?

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Brazilian bride left at alter

Friday, Brazilian bride with family waiting for the T-shirt Bandit to show up at wedding.

Saturday, Brazilian bride with family still waiting for the T-shirt Bandit to show up at wedding.

Sunday Evening, grief stricken bride vomiting in bushes after groom is a no show.

Italian bride left at alter

Italian bride and family concerned after waiting all day for groom to show at wedding.

Distraught family of the bride after deciding that groom is not coming to the wedding.

A Brazilian woman says T-Shirt Bandit left her pregnant and alone at the alter; Same story from Italian woman.

Sao Paolo, Brazil (CNews) --A Brazilian woman has come forward with information on her relationship with the T-Shirt Bandit.  With tears in her eyes, she related the sad story of betrayal.  She was only a teenager when she first met the man she knew as Mickey.  The romance developed rapidly and her unsuspecting family welcomed Mickey into their home.

The fast taking Mickey soon had left the family without T-shirts and sixteen year old Roberta with a little Mickey on the way.  When shown photographs of UCLA professor Howard Besser Roberta's parents angrily denounced him as the infamous Mickey.

In a related story, an Italian woman from Naples related a familiar tale after seeing the Besser story on the local news.  The suave bachelor who won her heart was know to her as Johnny. Claiming to be am American businessman, Johnny made off with the inventory of the family's T-shirt printing business.


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A fictional news story created by Rachel Rose for Howard Besser's Development of Cultural Information Sources Using Digital Multimedia Winter 2002 UCLA Department of Information Studies

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