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Hollywood Film Maker Uncovers Conspiracy Against UCLA Professor

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Besser Look-a-like

Photo Oliver Stone claims is Besser look-a-like, hired by unnamed conspirators.

The Real Howard Besser

Image know to be of the real Howard Besser, taken in Italy 2001.  Stone notes that the real Besser is actually slightly shorter than the double.

Another Howard Besser Double

Photograph of Besser look-a-like, taken in Italy in 2001.  Stone claims he has worked in Hollywood as a double for actor Richard Dreyfuss.

Besser at the Star Wars Museum

The real Professor Besser at the Peoria, Illinois Star Wars Museum in 2002.  

Oliver Stone announces he has proof that UCLA professor is not the T-shirt Bandit

LOS ANGELES (CNews) -- If you thought the story of UCLA professor Howard Besser and the T-Shirt Bandit could not get any stranger, film maker Oliver Stone has added a plot twist that may make Dr. Besser a free man.

Stone has hired digital photograph and anthropology experts to study images of the T-Shirt Bandit and Dr. Besser released by the FBI.  Stone believes that some of the images are fakes and very cleverly doctored in an effort to silence Besser for his out spoken views on fair use, public domain and licensing of information. Stone says that "the FBI images not faked, are actually of a Besser double" hired by as yet unidentified conspirators.  

Stones' anthropological experts used computer analysis to determine if the person in the images are of one individual or more than one.  They concluded that it is quite possible that the images in question are of two or more people. For Stone, there is only one conclusion: another conspiracy is threatening American democracy. 

Stone says he has proof of a secret meeting between Jack Valenti (Chairman of the Motion Picture Association) and Sony Bono soon before Bono's death in 1998, and only months before the Besser look alike was first photographed by police forces worldwide. Both are advocates for stronger copyright legislation, which Beser opposes.  Stone would only say that he will release more information on the Valenti connection in the "near future."

 Stone also thinks that there is more than one Besser look-a-like, since "one person could never do that much traveling in a single year."  

When asked if he felt Bono's death was also suspicious, Stone stated that he was not unable to respond at this time.

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A fictional news story created by Rachel Rose for Howard Besser's Development of Cultural Information Sources Using Digital Multimedia Winter 2002 UCLA Department of Information Studies

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