06:02 p.m. PST  -- 2 February 2003

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T-Shirt Bandit's Strange Attraction to Feet

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Are Polaroid photos the work of the T-Shirt Bandit?

Los Angeles  (CNews) -- The French newspaper Le Frog has given Cnews exclusive access to the now famous Polaroid photographs of feet and legs found in a Paris hotel room in 1980.

These photographs turned out to be critical in linking a series of seemingly unrelated crimes involving the theft of numerous T-shirts from all over Paris.  

CNews was not give access to the photographs of the stolen T-shirts. Our unnamed source at Le Frog reports that several of the stolen T-shirt images appear in main suspect Howard Besser's online T-shirt database at  

Besser's lawyers will not let him respond at this time to the many charges being brought against him.

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A fictional news story created by Rachel Rose for Howard Besser's Development of Cultural Information Sources Using Digital Multimedia Winter 2002 UCLA Department of Information Studies

Last updated on: February 21, 2002