Notes from Howard's talk at Irv's Memorial

May 31, 1997

Irv was a great father; always interested in creating interesting stimuli for the family, always traveling to interesting places, camping, hiking, etc. Also very empathetic. In high school I always got the feeling that he and my mom wanted to get closer to my friends than I did.

He had a very low tolerance for authority figures. Seldom got along with bosses. He thoroughly enjoyed working very hard as a volunteer (Community Assn for the Retarded, building hiking trails in State Parks, Bay Trails, ...) if the cause was good, but he didn't really like wage-labor, and seldom got along well with a boss.

Even though he was relatively conservative (at least compared to me), he resisted authority abusers in the public sphere -- particularly when their actions had an effect on his family.

He was also someone pretty direct about speaking his mind, yet overly concerned about the effects of what he said on others. This led to many intense interactions with my sister where he made some critique of her or her life, then agonized over having done so.

Most of all, enjoyed his family & friends. People like his "extra daughters" (Donna & Lisa), and his dear friends Roger and Peggy, and especially Chuck & Claire who were with him every day in his last few weeks.

I'd like to thank all of you who have been such a support to my Mom since he died.

One of Irv's most enjoyable experiences was to just hang around with his friends, schmoozing and socializing. He loved having lots of his friends in one place where they could all enjoy each others' company -- particularly if there was a good spread of potluck food. So in his memory, let's all hang out, talk, and enjoy the food. He would have wanted us to.