Dublin Core Metadata

Metadata for Digital Libraries-

Key problems we’re facing

Traditional Digital Library Model

Ideal Digital Library Model

For Interoperability Digital Libraries Need Standards

Why are Standards and Metadata consensus important?

Why Standards?

Why are you Managing this Information?

Questions to Ask

What is Metadata

Sorting through the Standards Morass


What is Metadata Types & Uses

Uses of Metadata

Containers and Packages of Metadata Warwick, not MARC

Some different schemes where Metdata is kept

Collaborative Metadata Projects

Dublin Core (3/95)

Dublin Core

Dublin Core

DC Qualifiers

Discovery Metadata: Recent History

Dublin Core--further work

The Research Process and Functional Categories of Metadata

Metadata Mapping-


Crosswalk Example

Resource Description Framework (RDF, spec released 2/99)


XML-encoded RDF

Should you start building with RDF today?

Metadata for Digital Libraries