Development of Cultural Information Sources Using Digital Multimedia

Information Studies 275, UCLA  Winter 2002

Thurs 17:00-20:30, 111 GSE&IS Bldg

taught by Howard Besser 


T-Shirt Assignments

Scanning & Developing an Image Database

Updating older Multimedia Works

This will explain the T-shirt Image Database Project being done for the IS 208 UCLA course Spring 2001.  We will be taking Howard's 1995 T-Shirt Image Database, examining the updating done between the first version of the data dictionary (1995) and the second version (2001), developing Dublin Core mapping for the database, and adding new images and metadata to the revised database.  This assignment will give students practice in scanning and metadata creation.  It will also expose them to issues in updating an older image database product (including data dictionary revision, database update and migration, and user interface re-design).  And it will give them an idea of how more complex records can be mapped to the Dublin Core.  There will be several steps to this project:

Please Note:  Under no circumstances should you wait until just before the due dates to do this work.  All these assignments have sufficient lead-time to avoid congestion around scanners, boxes of T-Shirts, or updating the database (which can only handle one user updating at a time).  The instructor will have no sympathy for students who wait until the last week only to find that there's too much congestion to make the assignment deadline.

The T-Shirt Database has been featured in:

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