Development of Cultural Information Sources Using Digital Multimedia

Information Studies 208, UCLA  Spring 2001

Thurs 17:00-20:30, 111 GSE&IS Bldg

taught by Howard Besser 


Internet Archive Moving Image Collection Assignment

One of the first openly accessible (for all educational use) collections of high quality moving image materialis mounted on the Internet Archive's server.  These are ephemeral films from Rick Prelinger's collection.  Rick would like to work with us to improve his user interface, search mechanisms, granularity, etc.  He is very open to changes in this area.  Your assignment (due May 10) will be to first read the background description, than spend at least a few hours (preferably on a high-speed connection) reviewing the Moving Image Archive, then suggestion ways that this might be improved.  On the due date we will have a lengthy class discussion on this.  There will also be the opportunity for one or two students to structure their final projects around this.

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