Development of Cultural Information Sources Using Digital Multimedia

Information Studies 275, UCLA  Winter 2002

Thurs 17:00-20:30, 111 GSE&IS Bldg

taught by Howard Besser 

Syllabus subject to change during first 3 weeks of class

This course deals with the creation and display of image and multimedia products for Cultural Heritage institutions.  Students will examine visual database projects and create their own.  They will look at relative advantages of different information delivery media. The course will also cover basic architectural strategies for helping maximize performance and longevity.

General course information

  • Weekly class topics and schedule
  • Grading
  • Office Hours Thurs 4-5 in 241 GSE&IS Bldg and by appointment
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  • Grading

    Possible Readings

  • General Readings
  • Events to Check out:

    Tentative Weekly Schedule

    Jan 10  | Jan 17 | Jan 24 | Jan 31 | Feb 7 | Feb 14 | Feb 21 | Feb 28 | Mar 7 | Mar 14

    Jan 10--Multimedia & oft-forgotten elements (Metadata & Standards, Longevity)

  • Introduction--what is this class about?
  • Newspaper articles
  • Tues Jan 15, 6PM, 1437 Dickson Art Center, as part of the campus EDA Lecture series, see Don Norman (from the Nielsen Norman Group which we'll be studying) talk on campus

    Jan 17--Scanning and Metadata for Still Images

    Review of Scanning procedures and best practices
    Look at a multimedia project (Office Clippy)
    Introduction to T-Shirt Image Database project
  • Assignment due: Before class read:
  • Jan 24--Multiple Narratives, Editing, and Repurposing;

    Issues in Good Design

    Introduction of Photoessay assignments (incl Lab instruction)
    Choosing T-Shirt boxes and groups

    Jan 31--The Museum Educational Site Licensing Project and what we've learned

    Discussion of the MESL Project & implications
    Review of Introduction to Imaging (assignment due)
    Discussion of application of Dublin Core to T-Shirt Image Database

    Feb 7--Project work day (no formal class)

    Feb 14--Museum Information Products

    Discuss final project (have a proposed idea ready)
  • Assignment due:  All T-Shirt Images should be scanned by class time.  Also, be prepared to discuss  how the user interface to the T-Shirt Image Database should be revised
  • Assignment due:  before class read at least 4 articles on museum information products (on reserve in MIT Lab)
  • Feb 21--Evaluation & catch-up

     Feb 28--Deconstruction of Social Phenomena

    Presentation/discussion of First Brazil/Italy Photoessays, Discussion of T-Shirt cataloging consistency, Discuss readings on multimedia reviews and good design practice

    The Internet and changing social structures
    How is Digitization Changing libraries, museums, & archives?
    Making Thumbnails and derivative images

  • Assignment due:  be prepared to discuss mapping from the T-Shirt Data Dictionary to Dublin Core
  • Assignment due:  Metadata due --all T-Shirts should be cataloged by now (but we might let this slip 1 week)
  • Assignment due: Before class read these:
  • Besser, Howard. (1997).  The Transformation of the Museum and the way it's Perceived in Katherine Jones-Garmil (ed.), The Wired Museum: Emerging Technology and Changing Paradigms, Washington: American Association of Museums, pages 115-127
  • Besser, Howard. (1997).  The Changing Role of Photographic Collections with the Advent of Digitization in Katherine Jones-Garmil (ed.),The Wired Museum: Emerging Technology and Changing Paradigms, Washington: American Association of Museums, pages 153-169
  • and read at least 2 of the following:
  • Mar 7--Digital Longevity

    Mar 14--Final Presentations

    Final Projects presented in class.  html versions (or html + better Word versions) due Monday early evening
    Discussion of differences btwn Web and print versions of Intro to Imaging
    Finish PhotoEssays
  • Assignment due:  Turn in list of all problems with the T-Shirt database, and fix problems in the T-Shirts you scanned

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