Mapping To Your Project Space (PC)

For your project, you have been granted access to store files in a special shared area on the department's "IS" server. Due to security restrictions, you will only be able to access this shared area when you are physically in the lab. (No FTP access from home) If you want to work on any part of this project at home, you'll have to bring files in on a Zip disk (or FTP them to your G: drive, keeping in mind the 50mb quota on your G: drive space)

Using your space in the Lab is a simple process:

1. Double click on the computer icon at the upper left corner of the screen (it will have the name of the computer that you're on):

2. In the window that appears, select View -> Toolbar


3. You should now see a bar similar to that below appear in the window. Click on the circled icon (Map Networked Drive)

4. In the next box, select drive "T" (to not conflict with any machine settings in the Lab), and fill in the class path, \\is\is208. Be sure that Reconnect at Logon is unchecked as to prevent possible conflicts later. Click "OK".

(the listing on different computers may be slightly different)


4. You will now have a new drive to use to store all your files! Use it as you would any other drive. Be sure to store all of your files within your own folder in this area.


Questions? Be sure to ask the Lab staff!

Updated 4/18/01.