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Creator: Bellotto, Bernardo
Title: The Campo di SS. Giovanni e Paolo, Venice
Accession Number: 1942.9.7
Accession Method: Gift
Date: 1743-1747
Collection: NGA
Owner: National Gallery of Art
Credit: NGA 1942.9.7
Culture: Italian
Role: painter
Material: paint, oil paint
Support: fabric, linen-type
Dimensions: height 71.1 cm
Dimensions: width 111.8 cm
Subject: architecture, Italy, exterior
Subject: Campo San Zanipolo
Subject: Santi Giovanni e Paolo
Subject: Scuola di San Marco
Subject: Venice
Subject: Waterway
Style: Venetian
Style: Baroque
Image: NGA:a00005f9.jpg
Capture: 24 bit color, corrected
Document: NGA:C0114700.TXT
Document: NGA:E0114700.TXT
Document: NGA:O0114700.TXT
Document: NGA:P0114700.TXT
Document Type: Curatorial Notes
Document Type: doctypeExhibition History
Document Type: doctypeOwnership History
Document Type: doctypePublication History
Label: Bernardo Bellotto (Italian, 1721 - 1780), The Campo di SS. Giovanni e Paolo, Venice, 1743/1747, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Widener Collection 1942.9.7
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