Visual Materials: Metadata, Standards, and Best Practices for Digital Libraries

Information Studies 208, UCLA  Spring 2000

Monday 17:00-20:00, 111 GSE&IS Bldg

taught by Howard Besser 

Libraries have standards like AACR2 and MARC that allow the sharing of bibliographic records, copy cataloging, and union catalogs. Digital libraries are just beginning to develop the standards that they will need to allow users to smoothly search across multiple repositories, and to view and use works from different digital collections within a single workstation application. This course will examine interoperability issues posed by visual materials in digital libraries. The focus will be on emerging standards for structural and administrative metadata (as opposed to descriptive and discovery metadata). The course will also cover basic architectural strategies for helping maximize performance and longevity. As case studies, students will have the opportunity to examine the most recent (yet unpublished) projects from the Digital Library Federation and the California Digital Library.

General course information

  • Weekly class topics and schedule
  • Grading
  • a few underlying ideas and background theories and concepts
  • Office Hours Monday 4-5 in 241 GSE&IS Bldg and by appointment
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  • Grading

    Possible Readings

  • General Readings
  • Events to Check out:

    Tentative Weekly Schedule

    Apr 3 | Apr 10 | Apr 17 | Apr 24 | May 1 | May 8 | May 15 | May 22 | Jun 1 | Jun 5

    Apr 3--Interoperable Digital Libraries & importance of Metadata & Standards

  • Introduction--what is this class about?
  • selection of a late May/early June make-up class
  • Apr 10--The Museum Educational Site Licensing Project and what we've learned

  • Before class read:
  • Apr 17--Making of America II

    Apr 24--California Digital Library Architecture & Standards-1

    May 1--California Digital Library Architecture & Standards-2

    Examining Image Headers, Creation of Thumbnail Images

    Due date for all Master Images scanned from film rolls

    Discuss final project (have a proposed idea ready)

    May 8 -- Instructor gone

    May 15--Digital Longevity-1

    Short assignment due
    Begin Assignment for creation of MOA2 Metadata
    Brian's Case Study of his workplace

    May 22--Digital Longevity-2

    Discussion of Persistent Identifiers, Journal Archiving, and Longevity of complex material

    Important talk this Thurs 5/25, 3-5, 111 GSEIS Bldg-- Extracting the Evidence: Moving Images as Complex Historical and Cultural Records  by Rick Prelinger

    May 29 -- Holiday; no class; make-up class on Thurs June 1, 5-8 PM

    Thurs Jun 1 (make-up class)--National Information Standards Organization Technical Imaging Metadata

  • National Standards Organization Invitational Meeting on Technical Metadata Elements for Image Files
  • Jun 5--Final Presentations

    class 5-9 PM
    Note:  Final short Assignment:  Look at the Peru images you scanned, and check to make sure that all your thumbnail images are there, and that they link to derivative jpeg images (and that all the links work).  Then email Rose that you've finished checking.

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