IS 200 Information in Society

Voting Scenario

Think back a few years to this type of scenario happening in a developing country about to have an election

  • Charges of corruption and vote-buying before the election for head of state
  • We're upset that a widely-respected candidate who has run on a platform of cleaning ujp corruption and vote-buying is given little media coverage for most of the campaign
  • This "clean" candidate has accused one special ihnterest group of controlling the whole political process, and he is not allowed to participate in candidate forums (which are confined to the 2 ruling dynasties).  Though widely regarded as the only untainted main running, when he shows up with an audience ticket to a candidate forum, police bar him from even entering the building.
  • This country has arcane voting rules where winning the popular vote is irrelevant to winning the election.
  • After the election, there are charges and counter-charges of corruption in one particular province between the 2 ruling elites:
  • There's some suspicion of nepotism, in that the province that is the focus of attention is ruled by the brother of one of the candidates for head-of-state
  • Charges and counter-charges between the 2 ruling familites hold up election results for many weeks.  Tiny details (like how far through ballot punches must extend) become the focus of national attention.
  • A well-known partisan country offers to come in as an elections observer and sort through the mess.



    What was previously a very boring elections turns into something that holds peoples' constant attention.  Appears to be like a great Hollywood script.